Couples therapy includes an extensive look at each person's background and family history, how each of you see the strengths and challenges in your relationship, and how both of you want the relationship to change. Counseling may include help with:

  • Communicating more openly and connecting more intimately
  • Techniques for managing conflict so that each person feels listened to and validated
  • Self-soothing and calming yourself when emotions run high
  • Creating experiences for each other that show your partner that he/she is loved and important
  • Understanding how your differences in personality and temperament can create balance and strength in your relationship

I have completed two years of Psychobiological Attachment Couples Therapy (PACT) training. PACT combines the understanding of human neuroscience, attachment theory, and human arousal. The goals for couples therapy are:

  • To increase the couples' ability to interact in ways that reduce feelings of threat and danger and increase feelings of safety and connection
  • To understand how early childhood experiences have created a "blueprint" that inform each partner's sense of safety and security that you bring to adult relationships
  • To explore and resolve old, core beliefs that may cause fears around healthy attachment through real-time education and coaching during the sessions

Each of you will learn how to manage your moment-to-moment energy, alertness, and ability to more fully engage with one another.